The Art Supplies Artists Reach for Most

The ten most popular products in the Art Students League’s art supply store.

by Stephanie Cassidy | October 24, 2017

The Art Supplies Artists Reach for Most[1]
Cretacolor hard pastels
Art Students League Supply Store[2]
Kneaded erasers
Art Students League Supply Store[3]
Loose vine charcoal

Since the closure of Lee’s Art Shop[4] in 2016, the Art Students League’s art supply store[5] is now the only place in Midtown Manhattan where artists can shop for professional grade art materials. When the Art Students League moved into the American Fine Arts Society building, back in the fall of 1892, the school store, opened as a convenience for students, was initially located on the third floor, just behind what served as the ASL’s main office. In the mid-1940s, it moved down to the building’s first floor. Today the supply store packs around 7,000 products for drawing, painting, sculpting, and printmaking in a 300-square-foot space that is open to ASL students and the general public. (Another plus: the store offers an excellent selection of books by ASL instructors[6].) Store manager Jim Russell caters to special requests on the class supply lists of the ASL’s eighty-plus instructors. But there are a few items that are perennial best-sellers, including a few surprises. Here is a list of the top ten supplies for 2017.

Art Students League Supply Store[7]


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