Augustine Boyce Cummings in Life on an Island

Life on an Island: Cycle 1/Castaways is the first of three exhibitions organized by the School of Visual Art (SVA) on Governors Island. Castaways features eleven SVA alumni, including Augustine Boyce Cummings, who work across digital media, sculpture, collage, and performance. All of curator Mark Ramos’s selections relate in some way to the “Life on an Island” theme: islands as isolated, islands as tropical paradise, rugged survivalism of castaways, colonialism, rising sea levels, and island gigantism. Opening May 4, with a reception scheduled for 3:00 to 6:00 p.m., the exhibition continues through June 2 at Colonels Row, 405 B, Governors Island, NY.

Augustine Boyce Cummings in <i>Life on an Island</i>
Augustine Boyce Cummings, Untitled (detail), 2016, mixed medium, oil, acrylic, nylon chord, cattle bone, deer antler, plastic wet floor, paper mâché, lights and lighting fixtures, grip tape, ball, mop handle, wood assemblage.
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