The Possibilities of Paper at the Dishman Art Museum

dishman art museum
Sherry Camhy, Aunt Helen’s Doll—I, 2008. Silverpoint, 25 x 21 in.

Mark(ing) Time: Works on Paper Invitational consists of artwork by artists who work strictly on paper. Its aim is to explore the traditional and contemporary ideas of what constitutes drawing and printmaking. At the Dishman Art Museum (Beaumont, TX), where the exhibition opens on May 23, one can expect to see a full range of possibilities: from drawings by artists who work classically with graphite on paper to artists who expand the definition of working on paper to create entire installations. Sherry Camhy’s silverpoint Aunt Helen’s Doll—I is one of the show’s many wonders. Opening reception: May 23, 6:30—8:30 p.m. The show continues through July 12, 2014.