The Studio Project | Everett Raymond Kinstler

by Everett Raymond Kinstler | February 26, 2013

The Studio Project | Everett Raymond Kinstler

My New York City studio (below) is located on the tenth floor of the National Arts Club. The view is unobstructed and the quality of north light is rich and clinical. The space measures 20 x 30 feet with an eighteen-foot ceiling. The window starts about five feet off the floor. I have a set of fluorescent lights attached midway on the windows. I use them on dark days, or when working in the evening.

The Studio Project | Everett Raymond Kinstler

My Connecticut studio (below), built in 2007, is a bit larger, approximately 30 x 40 feet with a slightly larger window. During the summer, the trees reduce my available light. In both studios, I have a storage room for canvases, lights, and paintings. They both have wooden floors and sinks for washing brushes.

portrait paintings

All photos: Tyler Chartier Architectural Photography[1]

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