Mary Beth McKenzie’s Monotypes Acquired by New-York Historical Society

by LINEA STAFF | June 7, 2017

“A monotype is a painting or drawing that has been printed on paper,”explains Mary Beth McKenzie. “Oil paint is applied directly to a clean, non-porous surface such as plexiglas, plastic, or glass. When paper is pressed to this surface, provided the paint or ink is still wet, the image transfers to the paper. Because monotypes must be done quickly, the application of paint is bold and loose and can be very expressive.” The New-York Historical Society[1] has recently acquired seven of Mary Beth McKenzie’s monotypes for their collection. In 2005, the Metropolitan Museum of Art acquired thirteen monotypes from her “Circus” series[2], and in 2012, acquired seventeen more from her “Horse Barn” series[3]. These works, along with her paintings, are included on her recently redesigned website[4]. 

mary beth mckenzie monotypes[5]

mary beth mckenzie monotypes[6]

mary beth mckenzie monotypes[7]

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