New Mexico Meets New York

Tajmagundians Go to the Salmagundi Club.

New Mexico Meets New YorkWhat do Taos, New Mexico, and the Salmagundi Club have in common?

The club started as a sketch group and so did the Tajmagundi. The club’s founders ventured into the wilderness of primitive Taos and infected it with their artistic passions. And as always seems to happen when more than two artists gather together, nude models started appearing and a sketch group materialized. The Tajmagundi was the eventual result.

Like their founders, the Tajmagundians are a “salmagundi” of art styles and tastes. Some Tajmagundians have museum shows and others are passionate amateurs, but make no mistake, all are dedicated artists. The Tajmagundi just supplies the venue for their inspiration.

Enjoy the eclectic styles of a unique group of artists that are the legacy of the Salmagundians that once ventured out West. Experience a bit of the Wild West right in the heart of New York City…if you dare.

Where: The Patron’s Gallery at the Salmagundi Club of NY
When: Sept. 15 – 27, 2018
Opening Reception: Sept. 26/ 5 – 7pm
Demo: Oil Portrait Demonstration after reception by Sherrie McGraw/ 7 – 9pm $25 to public/ $20 to members

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