Artist Snapshot: Michele Liebler

The creative process is a religious act; you have to be true to it. Show up every day at the same spot in your studio/place of work, and your creativity will show up whether you expect it to or not.
What’s on view in the Art Students League’s Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery this week? Notable work from students in the classes of Susan Cirigliano, Marilyn Friedman, Gregory Lyde Vigrass, Peter Reginato, Larry Poons, Wendy Shalen, and Seiji Saito.
Social media is great for getting your work seen by many people, but it’s a double-edged sword. The presence of galleries is shrinking, and there’s still nothing like standing in front of a work in person, to see the paint and the way the artist handles the brush or the chalk.
An artist who reaches a prodigious level of skill and then comfortably continues to produce work of that kind without continuing to push himself outside his comfort zone has reached the end of his creative development.