Bruce Dorfman Yasuo Kuniyoshi

“Yasuo Kuniyoshi was always very concerned about layers of everything consistent with layers of meaning between the ostensible subject matter of the painting and what might be the actual content.”

Bruce Dorfman: The Italian Kimono

The Italian Kimono: Selected Works 2003–2013 is an exhibition of seventeen mixed media works by Bruce Dorfman, who this year marks his fiftieth year teaching at the Art Students League.

Bruce Dorfman: An Interview

“In my view, one’s strengths are incredibly important. That’s where people should go, not to their weaknesses, not to the things they have the greatest difficulties with unless, for some reason, they must.” —Bruce Dorfman

The Studio Project | Bruce Dorfman

A studio is a meeting place between heaven and earth. It is all good. My studio is located in Tribeca. I’ve been in this studio since 2009. I work usually from late morning on. The Studio of Bruce Dorfman