Recent News from Pat Lipsky

by LINEA STAFF | April 29, 2019

Pat Lipsky’s painting Builder (1999) has been installed in its new home at the US Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan. This is the first time a picture of Lipsky’s has been seen in Central Asia.

Art in Ambassies Kabul
Pat Lipsky, Builder 41, 1999, aklyd, acrylic, oil on canvas, 41 7⁄8 × 80 1⁄4 in.
Permanent Collection of the U.S. Embassy, Kabul, Afghanistan
Recent News from Pat Lipsky
Memorial Day at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan on Monday, May 30, 2011. (S.K. Vemmer/Department of State)

Earlier this year, Tablet magazine published Lipsky’s article “Soutine Is the Kafka of Painting[1],” which explores the twinned artistic prophecies of the destruction of the Jewish people in Europe, on Chaim Soutin’s 125th birthday.

  1. Soutine Is the Kafka of Painting: