Politics on Canvas

Robert Cenedella’s paintings satirizing the Trump administration have received some recent press attention. In “Painting Trump into a Corner,” Christopher Cameron notes in a post for the online publication LLNYC that Cenedella’s recent works, like Pence on Earth, are the crescendo of a career spent satirizing the struggles of everyday life in New York.” He describes the early influences that shaped Cenedella’s lifelong interest in politics and informed the subjects of his canvases, including a stepfather who taught him “to think about the big issues.” R.Couri Hay notes in an article for the Huffington Post that Pence on Earth was actually commissioned by a client two years ago and has achieved unexpected relevance.  

Robert Cenedella political art
Robert Cenedella, Pence on Earth, 2017,
oil on primed linen, 50 x 36 in.

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