Reginato Is a Sculptor Who Paints

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Peter Reginato is one of five artists exhibiting in Painters Who Sculpt/Sculptors Who Paint, which opens at Noho Gallery (530 West 25th Street) on November 4, 2014. You can read and flip through an online catalogue of the exhibition, which includes an introductory essay by Archie Gunn.

Reginato Is a Sculptor Who Paints
Peter Reginato, LOL, 2011. Stainless steel and enamel, 45 x 42 x 37 in.

“I have been working with welded steel as an artistic medium since 1969,” explains Reginato. “Drawing has always been an important aspect of my work. It is important for me to make my own shapes by hand, rather than rely on found objects or neutralizing the forms, color, or compositions. I feel that pushing the issue of drawing, gives my work a depth not found in the formalist and minimalist art world or work that relies on mechanical tracing.” The exhibition will continue through November 22.


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