An Artist in Exile

Robert Cenedella’s painting George Grosz in America

by LINEA STAFF | September 25, 2018

Robert Cenedella will be exhibiting his painting George Grosz in America in the upcoming exhibition The Masters: Art Students League Teachers and Their[1] Students.[2] Cenedella’s painting will be on view in the Art Students League’s Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery (one of three venues for this exhibition), from November 1 through December 1, 2018.

Of the creation of this portrait, Cenedella explains: “George Grosz in America is the only painting I did during a time when I went into a self-imposed exile, a way to avoid the commerciality of the art world, 1966 to 1975. Grosz’s despair came from his being rejected as an artist in America – something I, too, felt during my years of exile. Grosz’s last words to me in 1959 were: ‘Art is dead.’ It’s something I grapple with to this day. I went back to painting a year or so after painting George Grosz in America, which has a dual meaning: half self-portrait and half portrait of my mentor.”

robert cenedella george grosz[3]
Robert Cenedella, George Grosz in America
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