Sherry Camhy in Upcoming Silverpoint Exhibition

by LINEA STAFF | March 9, 2017

Sherry Camhy silverpoint Marbury[1]
Sherry Camhy, Becoming, 2017, silver, gold, and copper, 15¾ x 19¾ in. “Becoming,” Camhy explains, “was inspired by the beauty of the morning mist on the trees I can see from my window, and my belief in metalpoint’s ability to capture that light. Metalpoint is a medium of becoming. The silver, gold, and copper tarnish with time to reveal the subtle hues that echo the warm tones of the buds on the bare branches as winter turns to spring. As light moves across the metal marks, they reflect the movement of the changing light of the day. The birds will return to their nest and life will begin again.”

Argentum: Contemporary Silverpoint will be on view at Marbury Gallery[2] (26 Gramercy Park South) from April 28 through May 12, 2017. The exhibition’s curator, Lauren Amalia Redding, has selected twenty-five nationally-recognized metalpoint artists including Art Students League instructors Sherry Camhy and Dan Thompson as well as many other ASL artists, including Dennis Angel, James Xavier Barbour, Lisa Bartolozzi, Noah Buchanan, Lauren Caldarola, Harvey Citron, Casey Concelmo, Jeannine Cook, Diana Corvelle, Steven DaLuz, Randall DiGiuseppe, Lori Field, Evan Kitson, Sam Knecht, Aimi Li, Shanga Manning, Tom Mazzullo, Mary Anne McCarthy, Lauren Amalia Redding, Raphael Sassi, Edward Schmidt, Laura Shechter, Ben Shechter (1940-2016), Cheryl Wheat, and Joseph Ventura. The opening reception is scheduled for Saturday, April 29, from 6:00–9:00 PM. 

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