Sylvie Covey’s Modern Printmaking

The artist’s second volume on printmaking.

by LINEA STAFF | April 15, 2016

Modern Printmaking[1], just published by Penguin Random House, is Sylvie Covey’s second book. The volume is an all-in-one guide that examines, in fifteen illustrated chapters[2], the history and contemporary processes of woodblock[3]; linoleum[4]; intaglio[5]; collography[6]; photo-etching and photogravure[7]; lithography[8]; serigraphy[9]; chine-collĂ©[10]; digital transfers[11]; and post-digital graphics[12]. It also includes step-by-step examples alongside representative works and profiles of thirty printmaking artists.

Modern Printmaking book[13]
The book is available for purchase at the Art Students League’s store and at Penguin Random House, Amazon, IndieBound, B&N, and iBooks.
  1. Modern Printmaking:
  2. fifteen illustrated chapters:
  3. woodblock:
  4. linoleum:
  5. intaglio:
  6. collography:
  7. photo-etching and photogravure:
  8. lithography:
  9. serigraphy:
  10. chine-collé:
  11. digital transfers:
  12. post-digital graphics:
  13. [Image]: