The Studio Project | Ronnie Landfield

by Ronnie Landfield | March 14, 2013

studio project ronnie landfield

I moved into my studio in November 1969. Over these forty-four years I’ve painted many separate groups and series of paintings.

In the early 70s, when I was showing at the David Whitney Gallery, I was making my stain/band paintings. By 1973, when I joined the Andre Emmerich Gallery, I began a group of paintings in a new style, what I call my Line paintings. By the late 70s, I returned to my stain/band painting until the 80s, when my work changed again, and changed again and again and again.

When we moved to what is now called Tribeca, there was nothing there except empty streets and empty warehouse buildings on the edge of town. We had to go to the Village to shop. When my kids were born, later in the 70s, a neighborhood began to form. First a few stores, then a supermarket, schools, nursery schools, shops, galleries, restaurants, a park; a river run, another park; and now it’s as great a neighborhood as there can be in New York City.