Works of Art That Incorporate the Use of Text

“Works of art that incorporate the use of text walk a tightrope between language and visual imagery,” writes Deborah Winiarski in her latest article, “Contextual,” for ProWax Journal. ” “When used as a formal element, the written word can serve to clarify and enhance a visual artist’s statement. Or, as in the case of ‘word art,’ the message carried by the text is an indestructible and undeniable element of content. Here, the word content is crucial to statement.” 

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“Horizontal slices of album covers, books and painted papers combine in a geometric grid of color and marks in my Running Stitch series. Upside-down text teases the viewer in blocks outlined with encaustic. All those tacks may represent stitches or musical notes in a rhythmic, vertical pattern holding it all together.” Nancy Natale, Red Blast, 2017, found and invented materials with encaustic and tacks, 24 x 24 in.
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“My DNA Series addresses issues of environmental concern. I use DNA sequences (text) to provide visual patterning and symbolic reference. Images and organic material are combined with the text to suggest a complex and shifting relationship between humans, their biological roots, and the shaping of our natural environment.”
Tracy Spadafora, Intervention (Part 4), 2017, encaustic and mixed media on braced wood panel, 20 x 20 in.
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