From Zero to Zoom

Zoom offers a different kind of learning experience, a natural fit for lectures, demonstrations, or art history. But what about for studio workshops? 
Artists from James Little’s class, “Non-Objective Painting, Color and Design,” forge ahead with their work over ZOOM.
Art in general isn’t nearly as fun or powerful in this age. You could say there’s a positive side to all the access we have to art, as well as the exposure, as artists, we can get outside of the traditional structures. But I wonder if it’s worth what we gave up. Too much art exposure can bore a person. You can also become impervious to the effects that art can have on us.

Artist Snapshot: Sylvie Covey

For a very long time I thought art was all about esthetics, beauty, grace. I did not look at other dimensions, such as distortions, unbalance, pain, darkness. Now I try to reach both, very much like in nature, there is life and death.