Scenes of New York City

What an exhibition of over one hundred New York City scenes amassed by a real estate scion captures of the city and reveals about the collector.

A Whole Harvest of Invention

There are at least two poles in Lennart Anderson’s work, poles that you see him gravitating towards and veering away from throughout his life: Anderson the dogged and humble observer of nature, but also Anderson the formal constructor and inventor.

Artist Snapshot: TR Ericsson

To me traditional art materials are burdensome: they point to themselves, or other points in history. I like to use a material that tells a different story and has a different history, often outside of art.
Social media turns works of art into objects of rapid consumption, sometimes supersonic, which I think makes us dangerously insensitive to the enormous amount of work, time, and sacrifice that lies behind each post, each evanescent image.

In the Midst of the Plague

The world I was familiar with has been drastically altered by the invisible virus, and I have great difficulty navigating this unfamiliar terrain.

Artist Snapshot: Dan Gheno

Why does all official portraiture always have to be celebratory—if you consider it as a visual catalog of past officials? Why can’t it also be a critical depiction or interpretation?