Artist Snapshot: Andrew Conklin

What qualities in the human spirit are unchanging and compelling, and how can an artist convey these, building on the achievements of the past while innovating for a contemporary audience?

Artist Snapshot: Gary Faigin

All good artists feel that their ultimate goal has yet to be achieved, and each artwork is only a partly successful attempt to reach that goal. It drives artists to continue to create and explore.

Artist Snapshot: Janet A. Cook

I try to draw every day. It does not have to be great; I just do it. I carry a tiny Moleskin sketchbook and Micron pens with me, and I sketch on the subway. Should I see a scene that has a special appeal, I will draw it.

Artist Snapshot: Jerry Weiss

What is the most important quality in an artist? Truthfulness trumps talent. A capacity for joy beats conscientious drudgery.